Hulahoop is so much more than simply spinning a hoop around the waist.
Tigris shows exactly how much more in his extraordinary performance. He combines this fascinating game with the extreme flexibility of his trained body.
Tigris has been considered one of the best hoolahoop artists in the world for many years.
His performance will fascinate and captivate not only through its technical finesse, but also through the elaborate choreography and Tigris’ never ending charm.
Armed with a wink and an irresistible smile, he presents a playful and yet demanding homage to the pictures of Pierre et Gilles with his hoops.
This is perfect body control and acrobatics in an indescribable aesthetic.

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Tigris is a master of contortion.
At age seven he began to learn this incredible body-bending art and has since developed into one of the worlds most successful male contortionists.

In a captivatingly minimalist performance Tigris exhilarates and excites with the movement of his finely trained body. One man and his body … is all thats needed for this incredibly moving and fascinating contortion performance. A combination of Powerful handstands, flowing flexibility and his masculine appearance, make this a class act and an unforgettable experience.

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Philipp Tigris was born in 1974, the son of a physiotherapist and an orthopaedic doctor. At the age of seven he began to teach himself the art of contortion and by age 12 has his first ever performance.

Shortly after, he was discovered by the variety scene and was quickly performing on many of the variety stages across Germany.

Tigris developed himself into one of Europes leading male contortion artists.
In addition to his extreme flexibility he worked not only as ariel artist on the partner trapeze and aerial hoop, he also developed a unique hoolahoop act which he took to the International Circus Festival of Budapest in 2008 winning the award of the city Budapest.

Since 2014 Philipp has been an ensemble member of the award-winning Circus-show LIMBO and tours often through Australia.


Varieté and Circusshows


Varieté, Zirkus

  • - Chamäleon Varieté
  • - Wintergarten Varieté Berlin
  • - GOP (u.a. München, Hannover)
  • - Krystallpalast Varieté Leipzig
  • - Roncallis Apollo Varieté Düsseldorf
  • - Friedrichsbau Varieté Stuttgart
  • - Varieté Et Cetera Bochum
  • - Limbo (Australien-Tour)
  • u.v.a.


  • - Palazzo (Wien, Berlin)
  • - Palazzo Colombino Freiburg
  • - Pomp, Duck & Circumstance
  • - Schuhbecks Teatro München
  • - Wallmans Dinnershow Kopenhagen
  • u.v.a.


  • - International Circus Festival Budapest
  • - Tollwood Festival München
  • - Fringe Festival Adelaide and Perth
  • - Sydney Festival
  • - Melbourne Festival
  • - festival int. de teatru de la sibiu
  • u.v.a.



In the Circus world ‘Marinelli’ is a contortion trick in which the artist supports his whole body weight with the jaw using a specialised mouthpiece. During the trick the spine is bent so far back, that the artists buttocks are resting on top of his head.

This is considered one of the most difficult and dangerous tricks in the world of contortion.

Not only is Philipp Tigris the only male contortion artist in Germany to perform this trick, he is also one of only three men in the world who can pull it off.


eine kleine auswahl an


Mit schier unglaublicher Körperbeherrschung wirbelte er die Ringe um seinen Körper und verbog sich dabei scheinbar mühelos. Eine Körperbeherrschung, die dem Zuschauer glatt die Sprache verschlägt

Oberhessische Presse

Christine Krauskopf
When Philipp Tigris bends his body the audience is too horrified to look, because surely it isn’t possible for a human being to twist like that

Adelaide News

Limbo dishes up awe-inspiring circus feats, beginning with contortionist Philipp Tigris, who folds his body backwards like a piece of origami

The Sydney Morning Herald

German contortionist Tigris delivers a „can’t watch-must see“ element, whose inside-out bodily twists induce squirming and awe

The West Australian

Melanie Coream
Der Berliner Artist Tigris brilliert als Herr der Ringe

Esslinger Zeitung

Alexander Maier
Tigris. Ein Mann. Ein Rücken. Ein Po. Wenn er auftritt, ist das Raunen in den Reihen weiblicher Zuschauer garantiert.


Bianca Braunschweig
Der Blonde mit dem verschmitzten Lächeln wurde schnell zum Publikumsliebling, nachdem er eindrucksvoll bewiesen hatte, dass Hulahoop keine Mädchen-Domäne mehr ist

Rheinische Post

Helga Würfel-Ellmann